What We Do

We are proud to include among our federal clients, agencies throughout the Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice.

Our private sector clients include Ameren Corporation, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).

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Quadrint’s Quality Policy

Quadrint, Inc. is committed to providing cleared, qualified and experienced personnel to our clients, ensuring the highest quality of onsite professional and technical support services. Our goal is to ensure project success and total continuity of services in satisfying all applicable requirements. We achieve this through continual improvement of everything we do.

Asset 4@4x@2x Enterprise Software Solutions

Quadrint provides full lifecycle development and support for enterprise-wide software solutions. Our expertise includes extensive experience in the systems that support human capital management, financial systems, learning management, business workflow and tasking, electronic content and records management, and advanced analytics. We are experts in PeopleSoft (Oracle Enterprise), IBM/Cognos Business Analytics, Blackboard, OpenText, and MarkLogic.

  • Our software engineers have supported virtually every Federal PeopleSoft implementation and upgrade over the past 20 years.
  • Our COTS projects consistently define the State of the Art.
  • Our innovative solutions are regularly distributed by our government clients to other federal agencies.
  • Our solutions help streamline our customers’ processes to save both time and resources on critical enterprise functions like new employee on-boarding, security clearance processing, workforce planning, and task management and tracking.

Agile Engineering

We are expert in applying Agile principles to complex software engineering problems. We leverage Agile to manage entire portfolios of business applications, including web development, data analytics, and numerous PeopleSoft applications. We also manage hybrid programs that blend pure Agile with traditional Waterfall software development. Our engineers are trained and certified in Scrum and SAFe Agile.

Our application of Agile methodologies on one mature enterprise application portfolio yielded;

  • 88% increase in throughput
  • 39% decrease in bugs generated
  • 35% decrease in time to close issues

Cloud Integration

Quadrint has been at the forefront of cloud migration since 2009. Our team has extensive experience migrating enterprise class applications from traditional, on premise, datacenters to private and hybrid cloud environments, both on and off premises. We are expert at the design, build and migration of applications from bare metal to virtualized environments. We have seamlessly and successfully migrated more applications to private, classified AWS cloud environments than any other vendor in the Intelligence Community.

  • Quadrint recently completed the migration of its 15th application to a hybrid cloud solution culminating with a first of its kind enterprise-level PeopleSoft instantiation.
  • Our forward-leaning approach, ability to adapt, and eagerness to embrace new technologies allowed us to lead the Intelligence Community in production applications moved to off-premises cloud platforms.
  • Our personnel have the innate ability to think outside of the box and engineer creative solutions to solve complex customer problems.

Enterprise Architecture Engineering

We provide full-service architecture and engineering support, including the design and integration of complex systems, implementation of advanced encryption techniques, use of PKI, configuration management, business continuity planning, assessment and authorization services (accreditation), identity and full integration with various identity-based access management solutions.

  • Over 15 years experience designing and delivering highly available, redundant application architectures from the ground up in classified and unclassified environments.
  • Extensive experience delivering and managing highly available relational database management solutions.
  • Measureable success achieving application accreditation under RMF and ICD503 guidelines.
  • Industry experience implementing solutions for encryption of data at rest and in transit, on a variety of levels.
  • Versed in the consumption of a vast array of disparate applications into well-defined, consistent, and streamlined technical configuration and operating models.

Business Analysis and Strategic Planning

Quadrint is deeply embedded with our clients. We provide strategic vision, business process re-engineering and portfolio management consulting services. We are expert in the visualization of these complex concepts in the form of strategy road maps and peripheral graphics. We provide full vertical and horizontal enterprise integration, both intra- and inter-agency for our clients in the Intelligence Community.

  • Our thought leadership and extensive functional expertise supports in-depth analysis that informs human capital decision making at all levels of management.
  • We have developed comprehensive workforce management strategies that provide a roadmap for hiring, retaining, training (and re-training) staff, as well as succession management.
  • Our approach establishes the critical data quality that is integral to the development, design and production of an enterprise level analytic capability.

Data Science and Analytics

Quadrint has been providing business analytic solutions for over 15 years, using COTS products, such as the IBM/Cognos suite of applications. We are experts at presenting complex, multi-source business and corporate data for consumption by a variety of analytic tools though the use of advanced data warehousing techniques.

  • We apply engineering methodologies that reduce risk, decrease defect rate, and enhance process repeatability.
  • We implement Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) to further enhance the system development lifecycle.